5S Certification at Etne Auto

The improvement group at Etne Auto was awarded both 5S certification and cake after they accomplished the requirement.

Bilde 5S sertifikat Tongane korrigert      Kake 5S Tongane 4.11.2015
Svein Inge Kostveit, Vigleik Gutubø, Aslak Straumøy Taraldsøy and Asbjørn Sørheim Myking (group leader)

Since the spring, Etne Auto has worked to put in in place a 5S system to improve the daily operations. Having worked determinedly over time, this has now given results and the first goal of being 5S certified is achieved.

The aim of the 5S system, a basic part of Lean, is to create efficiency gains and improved economic results in the long run. 5S is a list of 5 japanses words, which can be translated into sort, straighten, shine, standardise, and sustain. To be 5S certified, one must reach a certtain number of points on a standardized point scale tor the 5 areas, and this is what Legria now has approved.

To work with 5S,  the employees are divided into autonomous improvement groups where all try to find good solutions. The groups conducts most changes themselves, leading to more ideas and better solutions. It was the improvement group at the workshop that achieved the requirement for 5S certification. The group has worked well over time and it has yielded results. The other improvement groups are also well on their way to meet the requirements.

It is no easy to meet the requirements for 5S certification. Many work hard for it, yet not everyone manages to accomplish the objective.

Legra has been hired by Etne Auto and Sveio Auto to assist with the implementation of their internal improvement project for a period of 7 months. Legria has helped train co-workers, coordinators and the improvement groups as wells as guide during the process, create and integrate various utilities, aid in process to find the right KPIs, introduce blackboard and daily standup meetings, create simple monitoring tools and reports. Additionally, Legria has developed some financial monitoring reports for the two companies to provide a simple and quick overview of the financial development of the main records.