Here are some of the services we offer to your company:

– Efficiency improvement to achieve better financial results

  • Internal process to strengthen the focus on operations
  • Prepare tools for use in the daily monitoring of operations and finance
  • Focusing on processes, working methodology and internal culture
  • Create forecasting and planning tools for activities and resource requirements
  • Lean, 5S

– Financial management

  • Analysis of ongoing operations
  • Create monitoring tools for ongoing operations
  • Costing, operational control, budget, key figures (KPIs), etc.

– Board work

  • Solid board experience

– Personal

  • Personnel matters
  • Employment contracts

– Mentoring

  • Extensive experience as a mentor for managers

Other services

– Work environment, culture

  • Internal processes to work with the working environment
  • Culture change, process over time

– Management for hire

  • Temporary use of business management for a period of time can be necessary
  • Useful by leaves of absence, sickness, by terminations, etc.
  • Hiring until a new person is in place

– Organization, structure

  • Discussion partner
  • Internal processes to work out the new organization and structure
  • Help to get the new organization to work

– Management development

  • Internal training of leaders
  • Customized program

– Project manager, commitment

– Tailored study tours to companies Asia or other places

  • Company visits to Asia or other places
  • Plan travel arrangements, hotels, transport, etc